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We produce fantasy videos pertaining to the superheroine fetish. Many of the videos presented here are produced from custom scripts. ... - 10k - -

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Erotic superheroine stories about tights and spandex. Superwomenmania Links - Forums - Chats - Message Boards - and Samples ... - 37k - -

3 Erotic Super Heroine Bondage Sites

3 Erotic Super Heroine Bondage Sites : Archived from groups: () 7 Sexy Super Heroines with super powers, and skimpy costumes. - 30k - -

The Xtreme Strength Website

A brilliant resource for erotic superheroine stories. Taken off-line for a year. SuperHeroinesLive An online live-action photo comic book. ... - 15k - -

RW stories

These are violent, highly-erotic stories of a young woman learning the dark side of becoming a super heroine. The D.C. comics are wrong, even Spiderman ... - 13k - -

Superheroine models customized in an erotic fashion. .... Erotic Illusions Paysite: Diane, our unlikely superheroine suffers many tragedies and ... - 42k - -

Superheroine & Fantasy Wrestling Movies

MEMBER LOGIN CLICK HERE, Double Trouble Productions presents Sisterhood of Superheroines Adventure Movies & Erotic Fantasy Wrestling Movies! ... - 6k - -

Superheroes and Superheroines < Fetishes and Fantasies in the ...; Superheroine's Demise Erotic live action adult photo comic book. ... Erotic photomanipulations of superheroines and more. ... - 10k - -

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3 Erotic Super Heroine Bondage Sites : Weights : Active Low-Carber ...

View Full Version : 3 Erotic Super Heroine Bondage Sites ... A super heroine site includes 4 main character. ... - 5k - -

The Villain welcomes again you to Superheroines Demise!

But to us, nothing is more erotic than the photo images of these incredible costumed superheroines defeated and imperiled beyond your wildest dreams. ... - 5k - -

Superheroine Erotic Photomanipulations

No non-erotic work may be displayed. There is not enough room in the club for every possible hero manip that exists, and it does not comply with the context ... - 9k - -

HIPComix Happenings - Super (Heroine) Sunday!

mind control, catfight, and superheroine peril erotic comics on the web! This week I would like to take a second and toot my own horn a bit, ... - 14k - -

Adult Comix Newsletter for 2/24/08

mind control, catfight, and superheroine peril erotic comics on the web! This week we have a boatload of new content in our members area, ... - 13k - -
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Superheroine Peril Adult/Erotic comic! 24-Sep-06 03:39 pm ... which specializes in all sorts of erotic themed peril involving super powered heroines. ... - 93k - -

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[] erotic superheroine stories. [] ... - 84k - -

H E L P L E S S H E R O E S - S U P E R H E R O I N E S

Helpless Heroes your number one site for superheroine erotic superheroines. See super hero photos, video clips and erotic comics, Step inside and see ... - 7k - -

The Trades - The Price to Pay: The Superhero Fetish, Part 1 of 2

I also found several clubs that specialized in "superheroine erotic photomanipulations" -- SEPs for short. SEPs are computer-enhanced photos of nude women ... - 23k - -

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Superheroines in Bondage The Relic Raider Crimson Hawk. Punished Heroines. Live Anime Real Life Characters Erotic Superheroines Bound Comics Luna Crush ... - 11k - -

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Chains - These cartoon babes in chains want to be tied up and placed in bondage Comics Action - Two adult comics action series over here Comics Art - 2 pages full of adult comics to enjoy here Sixty-nine people slept peacefully in their cryo-tubes as the sleeper ship Haven dropped out of hyperspace and sped through the infinite expanse of the stars. Its mottled gray hull was shadowed and dark, scored from meteorites that had collided with its heavy armor plating. Long, black streaks indicating heat burns from past re-entries feathered the forward prongs of the large starship. ...